Terms of Service

By utilizing the augmentation you consent to utilize this Chrome Extension in a legitimate and moral way. Promote you concur that it is your sole duty to guarantee that your utilization of this Chrome Extension is as per any lawful, protection, copyright, authorizations, confinements, and any terms and conditions which you have consented to as an individual or as an association on any of the sites on which This Chrome Extension is utilized.

This Chrome Extension is intended to upgrade social and expert profiles. The expansion works on mail inbox, Social Networks, Professional Profiles, and other website pages. This Chrome Extension is working when the expansion logo is shown over any site. At the point when the Extension is working, certain capacities on specific sites may require that site page information be sent to a server. The Extension empowers clients to share information with each other and the Chrome Extension people group everywhere by means of the augmentation's Data Sharing Platform. Clients either physically enter information by hand or expressly select in to share information by transferring or connecting a record or other API mix to share information.

How we collect and use information

Data we get from your utilization of our services.

  • We may gather data about the services that you utilize and how you utilize them. For instance, the email tends to you inquire about, the social URLs you visit and that you look into with This Chrome Extension.
  • We may gather data that you explicitly share with us. For instance, you may physically enter or transfer or choose to coordinate This Chrome Extension with your social records to share information.
  • We use to store collected emails on a secure cloud infrastructure. And we transmit them through a secure https connection. Those emails you are collected are secured and only visible to you. So we don't publicly disclose emails collected by you.

How we use the information we collect

We only collect emails from web pages you visit every collected email available to you within your extension. Every email you collected store on secure cloud infrastructure. Emails you collected are only visible to you. We do not disclose your privacy or emails you collected.

We ensure that we are not sending spams or we are not used to selling those emails to the 3rd party. So you and your emails are secure with us.