Collecting email addresses, it’s not hard & time-consuming anymore and this time it is free for you. Collect more email addresses and get more leads with Mail Dump!

MailDump is a Powerful Automated Email Addresses Extraction Tool for Chrome and Firefox. It uses very unique and powerful algorithms to extract email addresses from web pages. All of them filter through those algorithms.

MailDump goes through with every web page it visits and extracts email addresses from those web pages. It also saves them to the user’s account.

The user can export current email addresses as well as saved email addresses at any time.

Mail Dump has very unique Auto Crawl feature, it can crawl given URLs list or current page domain and export extract email addresses when crawling process is finished. So you can go to any website you desire to crawl and just press ‘Crawl Current Domain’ within several minutes it will dump your mail list.

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